The Wilderness of Eden provided everything for the Earth's first human inhabitants, for the Garden of Eden covered the entire planet. Only when humans began to defy God and plunder Eden, was the garden destroyed and they were left without.

Because human technology had not advanced to the point that human greed was capable of destroying much of the wilderness legacy given by God, most of Planet Eden was largely intact until the Industrial Age.

It was to the wilderness that Moses fled during the Exodus from Egypt. It was to the wilderness that Jesus went to pray. Even today it is to the wilderness where people go to commune with the spirit of God and His Creation, for God's spirit is in its purest form in the magnificence of Creation untrammeled.

Greed and disrespect for God are now responsible for the final plunder of the remnants of the wildness of Eden on our planet. Soon there were be no place for the tapestry of Creation to survive intact. God's wildernesses are rapidly being fragmented, burned, defiled, clear cut, exploited and abused. The forces of evil are winning the war against goodness and mercy, and loving stewardship of the blessings which God bestowed upon us.

When the last remnant of Eden is destroyed, the spirit of God will be crushed, and our planet will die. Satan will rule over a world of strife, starvation, war, violence, and poverty.

It is not too late, if all of God's children demand that corporate greed be turned to corporate stewardship. Please help us reach the hearts and minds of the worshippers of short term profit at the expense of long term survival of the Earth and its inhabitants.

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